CONSERVING NATURE and CULTURE , Travel with Us and Make a Difference

Conservation, Community and Culture is the Heart of our Existence. We are invited you to join and participated in our initiative, working with local foundation base in Manokwari, called Bentara Papua, to establish value added of local community product including packaging and improve the quality of the product, such as coconut oil, coconut soap, nutmeg and smoke fish, etc.
With your support we also provide training and capacity building for education, local conservation like environmental monitoring and local cultures. Our boat also can deliver your support for local community like solar panel, books, etc.  


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  • I love Papua and the Kurabesi and the amazing hospitality of Bustar and Rani. I will never forget this trip and hope can come back. This is a beautiful project and hope you succed in your dream and improving conservation and ecotourism in this very special place. Please keep us informed and progress..

    Lisa Davenport
    Florida USA
  • Thank you for the best day you provide us with a great adventure that will stay with us forever. I hope to do many more and wish all the crew the best. May the winds flow you all and may you have many pleasant passangers and arranging adventure. 1st class adventure..

    Pauline O’Brien
  • Terima kasih untuk kurabesi explorer. Untuk crew dan semua yang bertugas di kapal. Saya sangat puas liburan dengan Kurabesi Explorer. Mantab!!.

    Irwan Wijaya
    Jakarta, Indonesia