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Indonesia, Top Dive Destination 2017

The most popular dive destination for 2017 is Indonesia. It won by a large margin with 22,552 votes from our readers, Papua New Guinea came in second with 6,089 votes and the Philippines third with 3,313.


DIVE readers could pick up to three destinations and a total of 47,547 votes were cast by the closing date of 31 December. Only one set of votes was allowed from an individual IP address and votes came in from across the world.

Indonesia was always clear favourite to win the title with such a staggering array of world-class diving. From Raja Ampat to Bali, from Komodo to Sulawesi, Indonesia has more celebrated dive resorts than any other country. 

And the Top 10 of diving destinations selected by our readers reflects the very best diving available around the world from Papua New Guinea to Mexico, from the Philippines to the Maldives. See below for the count for your favourite 10 destinations.

Nineteen destinations were nominated by our readers and voting was open for six months. The other nine countries in the 2017 vote in descending order were the Galápagos Islands; Malaysia; Malta; Aruba, Curacao & Bonaire; Cuba, Cocos island, Iceland, Turkey and French Polynesia.

By Max James, DIVE Magazine UK


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