Raja Ampat Boat Camp

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Located roughly mid-way between the North Moluccan island of Halmahera and the Bird's Head Peninsula of West Papua, in the Raja Ampat archipelago still, this truly oceanic island features a generally rather depauperate avifauna with a decidedly Moluccan element, but importantly includes two endemic allospecies: Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher Tanysiptera ellioti and Kofiau Monarch Symposiachrus julianae. Both endemics are readily seen, as are a limited selection of restricted-range and more widespread goodies.
The Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher had a decidely international introduction to the ornithological world as S. D. Ripley pointed out in his 1959 treatise on the Raja Ampat Islands. First secured in 1867 by one of Hoedt's collectors, most likely D. Hokum, the type was acquired by Count Turati in Milan, who sent it to J. Verreaux in Paris for identification. There it was seen by D. G. Elliot of New York, who advised that the specimen be sent to R. B. Sharpe in London. Finally, Sharpe formally described it in 1869.
Kofiau Monarch, on the contrary, was the second last bird species to have been formally described from the entire New Guinea region hitherto. This flycatcher was discovered in 1955 by Jusup Kakiaij, S. D. Ripley’s native Misoolese assistant back from the days of the Denison-Crockett Expedition to New Guinea, and named by Ripley in 1959 in honor of the late Queen Juliana of The Netherlands.

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  • I love Papua and the Kurabesi and the amazing hospitality of Bustar and Rani. I will never forget this trip and hope can come back. This is a beautiful project and hope you succed in your dream and improving conservation and ecotourism in this very special place. Please keep us informed and progress..

    Lisa Davenport
    Florida USA
  • Thank you for the best day you provide us with a great adventure that will stay with us forever. I hope to do many more and wish all the crew the best. May the winds flow you all and may you have many pleasant passangers and arranging adventure. 1st class adventure..

    Pauline O’Brien
  • Terima kasih untuk kurabesi explorer. Untuk crew dan semua yang bertugas di kapal. Saya sangat puas liburan dengan Kurabesi Explorer. Mantab!!.

    Irwan Wijaya
    Jakarta, Indonesia