Conservation, Community and Culture is the Heart of Our Existence.

Adventure is always good for the soul and do adventure for good with us. Promoting #TRAVELFORBENEFIT initiatives, each of our specially-catered trip intended to give direct benefit and better impact for the local people, culture and environment.    
Working with local foundation, Bentara Papua, we do believe tourism can be one good solutions to enggage with people on remote area and support their local product while preserving culture and local nature conservation. We also work closely with University of Papua, Conservation International (CI), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and World Wild Fund (WWF) to support marine conservation.  

Delivering support to the Indigenous and Local Community

Using our Boat and working with local NGOs, we are committed to support training and learning in remote areas around the coast of Papua.

Fair-trade Local Products

We are working with communities to improve local products such as coconut, nutmeg, and fish. After helping improve quality, we also help with distributing goods to new potential markets. We believe local people should get more benefit from their natural resources and be able to maintain as well as conserve their lands.

Community Conservation - Sails and Shares with KALABIA

We work with Kalabia Foundations to ensure the conservation of our nature. The Kalabia program is an important innovation in environmental education for coastal communities which was developed in Raja Ampat.

Promoting Local Culture

We support indigenous people with the documentation of their cultural practices such as traditional dance, song and local story telling. Preserving these important community assets ensures they can be studied and understood by others and that they can continue to be practiced by future generations and visitors.
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Black Paradise - "Aye Nanawe"

West Papua's Black Paradise devote their talent and energy to showing the world the beauty of their country's traditional musical culture.

Community Forestry in Papua

Indigenous communities in West Papua, Indonesia worry about large logging companies coming in to destroy their ancient rainforest.

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